HEALTHY.  LOCAL.  CHEF-DRIVEN.  These are the hallmarks of our product. Olymptrade reviews

Green House is a truck-based concept delivering gourmet, healthy food.  Our made-from-scratch food features fresh ingredients prepared daily.  The goal is to serve a quality product that is healthy, affordable, and fast.  We feature lean proteins and seasonal fruits and vegetables to ensure a delicious, balanced meal.

Executive Chef Ben Hutchison brings a familiar face to the kitchen for many Dallasites, having been in the kitchen for such restaurants as Food Company, Star Canyon, and Routh Street.  Each dish is a flavorful result of skill and experience.

The green movement also extends to how we leave our footprint.  Green House uses 100% biodegradable and compostable containers, plates, and utensils.  Our kitchen power source is a combination of propane and rechargeable batteries.